If you didn't know that Jonathan Blow, creator of acclaimed XBLA puzzle platformer and IGF winner Braid, brought his next title, The Witness, to last weekend's Penny Arcade Expo, it's through no failing of your own -- its debut was unannounced, unmarked, and hidden at SpyParty/Monaco's booth.

Kotaku thankfully noticed the game's first public appearance and captured three minutes of footage from the "exploration-puzzle game on an uninhabited island". The site points out that the game is "far from finished", as the demo was filled with placeholder art and early puzzles:

"This was the game's first showing in public, its puzzles still far from complete and refined. It was being presented in a manner intentionally detached from any references that might hype the Braid connection and bias its players. Blow wanted to see, from afar, what people made of their first touch of this game. ...

Many of the puzzles I found involved using the controller to draw routes on blue squares that were set vertically on posts at the level of museum paintings, trying to inscribe the proper pattern that would solve the challenge and possibly lead to a new one. The puzzles were not just in the posted squares but in the more natural environment."

Blow says the reason he kept The Witness' public debut low-key was to counter the traditional approach companies take of capturing people's attention and trying to sell them things, and also to give players as much time as they want to try it out without a line of people waiting behind them.

The Witness will release for multiple platforms some time late next year.