Artist Torsten Rachu has airbrushed nearly everything you can think of: phones, helmets, cars, motorcycles, tire covers, computers, jackets, and naked women. He's also decorated his share of video game consoles, like Xbox 360s, Wiis, PSPs, PS2, and PS3s.

My favorite set from his portfolio, though, is his collection of airbrushed Dreamcast consoles, like the custom Chu Chu Rocket one above. After the break, I've also included shots of his Shenmue, Jet Set Radio, and "Simply The Best" Dreamcasts after the break.

I know the Chu Chu Rocket edition system at least was made for Sega's now-closed Germany office as a promo item -- that might be the case with most if not all of Rachu's other systems, too.

[Via Sega Nerds]