Art collective Büro Destruct has released Gravity Lander, a free and addictive game developed for Pro Helvetia's Game Culture program, which is dedicated towards "drawing attention to the social, economic, and aesthetic aspects of computer games and exploring the characteristics of the genre as a new art form".

Available online and for iPhone (Android version coming soon), Gravity Lander is similar to Petri Purho's Cut It in that you must land an object (a red rocketship in this case) on a platform after clearing all the obstacles in your way, except here you must make sure the craft is right-side-up at the end.

You also have more tools at your disposal here than in Cut It, as you can vaporize blocks, alter gravity, and use rocket boosts. Combining those tools will help you land the spacecraft safely and ensure your three cosmonauts will be able to get back home.

While Gravity Lander is free, you can buy a song from the game's soundtrack (composed by Balduin) for $0.99 here.