After five years of running the street games event in New York City, organizers for Come Out & Play are bringing the festival to San Francisco! From October 22-24, the Giant Robot store in San Francisco will host what it promises are "some of the best games and game designers from the Come Out & Play Festival."

The free weekend "mini-festival" will include 11 games, which will be played through the streets of Haight-Ashbury, The Panhandle, and Golden Gate Park. There will also be a pinata making session (used when playing Pigeon Pinata Pummel later) and picnics.

The featured games include previous Come Out & Play favorites like Circle Rules Football ("An action packed team sport played on a circular field with a giant yoga ball") and Humanoid Asteroid ("Jump in your ship, man your lasers, and get ready to fend off waves of human asteroids in this dance/game mashup").

You can see the list of games and Come Out & Play's schedule so far here. The event's organizers encourage people to visit the Giant Robot Store for more details about the weekend festival.