Billed as an exploration of "how to establish successful video game companies", Gamers At Work is an upcoming book that features more than 30 interviews with "innovators, business leaders, and industry pioneers", including a dozen critical figures like Trip Hawkins and Warren Spector.

Gamers At Work promises to offer "exclusive, behind-the-scenes accounts of the world’s most successful and memorable video game companies". In the book, the interviewed industry veterans reflect on the challenges they faced in their companies, how they survived, and tips for startups.

This will be the first product out of the Entertainment Media Council, an association for entrepeneurs in the interactive entertainment business. Though publisher Apress doesn't plan to ship it until February 2011, you can see a list of interviews that will appear in the book after the break:

  • Trip Hawkins, founder of Electronic Arts
  • Nolan Bushnell, cofounder of Atari
  • Tony Goodman, cofounder of Ensemble Studios
  • Christopher Weaver, founder of Bethesda Softworks
  • Ken Williams, cofounder of Sierra On-Line
  • Cory Ondrejka, cofounder of Linden Lab
  • Warren Spector, founder of Junction Point Studios
  • Doug and Gary Carlston, cofounders of Brøderbund Software
  • Feargus Urquhart, cofounder of Obsidian Entertainment
  • David Perry, founder of Shiny Entertainment
  • Lorne Lanning, cofounder of Oddworld Inhabitants
  • Raph Koster, cofounder of Metaplace