Earlier this week, we mentioned the Experimental Gameplay Project's "Zero Button" challenge when we featured Nicolai Troshinsky's excellent UFO On Tape, but now organizers have posted all 40 submissions from the monthly competition for you to play for free.

Though there are a few titles that broke the theme's rules and used one or two buttons, most of the others came up with creative ways for users to play with just the mouse, a microphone, or camera. All of the games were developed by just one person in seven days.

If you're looking for a good place to start while checking out the list, the games at the top of the list -- Capz Machinery, Jitter, and Avoidal -- are worth a few minutes of your time. Tiejo Mursu's Movie Theater is also pretty clever, though it doesn't have much replay value.

Don't forget that with the new month, there's a new Experimental Gameplay Project challenge, which asks developers to create a "neverending" game.