Developed in just two weeks for the recent Indie City Game Jam, Dude Icarus is a fun little platformer that has you exploring the world as the titular mythological character, collecting feathers to increase how high you can fly, and eventually reaching a high enough altitude to hang out with the god of sun Apollo.

It's the work of Scott Roberts, Nicole Lenard, Erin Robinson, Jake Elliott and Switchbreak, who managed to add some charming touches to the short game -- though it's all about flying around, make you sure you check out Icarus' walk animation to see him skip around. The cartoonish visuals, too, are great.

Switchbreak says he plans to continue work on the game and add interesting objects in the upper atmosphere. Dude Icarus is pretty fun as it is right now, though -- just don't forget you can get more feathers by jumping on the birds. I spent 15 minutes trying in vain to reach the top of a few high pillars before realized they had extra feathers.