Indie game designer Derek Yu, who you likely already know from his work on Spelunky and Aquaria, has posted a valuable collection of tips to help other independent developers (and aspiring ones, too) complete their projects.

A lot of his advice is practical stuff like choosing an idea with potential and "actually start[ing] the damn game", but they're useful reminders for developers who often find themselves abandoning their games before even getting started.

One of his tips is "don't roll your own tech if you don't have to":

"There are pros and cons to writing your own engine. But ask yourself, do you really have to? Is what you want to do impossible to do with what’s already out there or would you be reinventing the wheel? Of course, if you write your own engine you can make it just perfect the way you like it. But be honest, how often do you ever get past the engine to the game itself? Do you find yourself making game engines more often than you do games?

I made the original version of Spelunky in Game Maker, and it’s that 'finished' game that eventually gave me the opportunity to work on an Xbox 360 version. So don’t ever feel that game-making software or other simplified tools are somehow illegitimate. The important thing is the game."

You can read Yu's 15 tips for finishing a game on his Tumblr blog dedicated to creating games.