Two years after its release on Xbox Live Arcade (and more than a year after the port's announcement), The Behemoth's acclaimed four-player beat'em up Castle Crashers is finally available on PlayStation Network, priced at $14.99.

Along with its hand-drawn artwork by Dan Paladin and 2D sidescrolling gameplay, the PSN edition has several new features: local join-in-progress, an "Insane Store" (with items designed to help players take on the game's Insane Mode), two new trophies, and an Arena Mode offering team-based or free-for-all deathmatches.

Castle Crashers also has a new volleyball mode, which has optional AI opponents and allows for up to 8-player matches. You get all that, plus 20 levels in the normal campaign, more than 40 weapons, 20 unlockable characters, and online/local multiplayer!