As he prepares for the birth of his son, artist Das Chupa designed a set of unorthodox bumper stickers to honor his upcoming video game achievements, like saving the Princess in Super Mario Bros. without using warp pipes (a feat I haven't yet accomplished even with warp pipes).

It doesn't look like Das Chupa is selling premade stickers, but you could probably print these out and make your own. He explains how he came up with the ideas:

"I've never understood why parent stick the crap bumper stickers about their six year olds making the honor list in a grade where bladder control is part of the curriculum.

So I decided to make some stickers that I would be proud to brag about to the world. And since my child will grow up playing games that build character, (and OCD) they would look like this."

I imagine it will take a long time before his son reaches any of these accomplishments -- though defeating Wood Man in Mega Man 2 is wayyyy easy. Now, defeating Quick Man's stage on the first try would be impressive...

[Via Rampaged Reality]