radsil.jpg[We round up the week's top news and new digital releases from console digital download site GamerBytes, featuring new information about Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, WiiWare, DSiWare and PSN Minis.]

Some interesting announcements debut this week -- the Tokyo Game Show has provided us with some quite interesting titles coming up to the plate, including a second Dead Rising chapter, the return of Fire Pro Wrestling, and Radiant Silvergun finally coming to consoles not called the Sega Saturn!

Also debuting on various console digital download services -- the previously feted Space Invaders: Infinity Gene, alongside Worms 2 on PSN and the slightly odd fighter-shooter crossover King Of Fighters: SkyStage on XBLA.

XBLA Update - Sonic Adventure, Space Invaders: Infinity Gene, King Of Fighters: SkyStage

XBLA Game Room Update - Flak Attack, Kitten Kaboodle And Some Thoughts

NA PSN Store Update - Space Invaders: IG, Worms 2, Soviet Strike, Tumble And Deals A'plenty

EU PSN Store Update - Flight Control HD, Space Invaders: Infinity Gene And More

NA Nintendo Update - Castle Conqueror, Crazy Pinball And More

EU Nintendo Update - Adventure on LOST ISLAND, Petz And More

Top Stories

Trailer: The Undergarden (Vitamin-G / Artech Studios) (XBLA / PSN)
Bring the garden back to life.

Trailer: The Haunted: Hell's Reach (Hell's Reach) (XBLA / PSN)
Left 4 Dead in Hell's Reach?

Teaser Trailer: Dead Rising 2: Case West (Capcom) (XBLA)
Frank is back!

Trailer - Radiant Silvergun Coming To Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA)
Classic Saturn shmup is on its way.

Fire Pro Wrestling Gets Avatar Treatment (XBLA)
Buff up your Avatar with this handy fake muscle shirt.

Trailer: The Level Creation Of Mega Man Universe (XBLA / PSN)
Bad box art man finally get his dues.

Teaser Trailer: PixelJunk Lifelike (PSN)
Wait, what?