Several months ago, news satire organization The Onion reported about a fictional first-person shooter taking the nation by storm: Close Range, a "hotly anticipated video game in which players repeatedly shoot people [and animals] point-blank in the face."

Not content to leave it as a joke about a fictional game, The Onion turned the gruesome title into a real game and submitted Close Range for review to sell on the App Store. Apple predictably rejected the app due to its violence, and the news site has since revised the game and re-submitted it.

Apple's recently posted guidelines make it difficult for such an app to see a release, as its iPhone/iPad store specifically prohibits "apps portraying realistic images of people or animals being killed or maimed, shot, stabbed, tortured or injured will be rejected."

Daily Finance points out, however, that those same guidelines for "professional political satirists and humorists" to release apps that "are exempt from the ban on offensive or mean-spirited commentary". Of course, it's debatable whether shooting people/animals in the face qualifies as "offensive commentary".

Well, we'll find out when Apple decides what to do with The Onion's toned down, resubmitted version of "the most important game of the year". Oh, the tyranny!