Last week, Channel 4 and British indie Zombie Cow Studios released its lewd platformer/sexual education game Privates -- in which you shoot at STDs while traversing side-scrolling stages made up of people's naughty bits and -- for free on the PC. (Make sure to read our interview with the company's Dan Marshall here!)

Unfortunately, the game was afflicted with a number of performance issues and crashes, which Zombie Cow fesses up to and has already released an update for. It wants to make sure it stamps out all those bugs, though, so, it's running a special promotion until the end of this weekend.

Zombie Cow is promising that if you find a bug in the latest version of Privates and detail the issue in the studio's blog comments or in an email, you will receive a link to download every previously released game from the developer as thanks. That includes Time Gentlemen, Please, Cruxade, Gibbage, and Ben There, Dan That!