Belgian indie studio Tale of Tales (The Path, The Graveyard) has updated its Vanitas iPhone app with "graphical enhancements" and released a free web version powered by Unity3D -- while the latter doesn't have tilt or multitouch support for obvious reasons, the developer says this version runs much smoother.

Originally commissioned for the Art History of Games symposium last February, the app features cello music from Rasputina's Zoe Keating and presents users with a wooden box, which is filled with selection of small objects they can interact with. Tale of Tales explains:

"Every time you open the box, you see three new objects. The different combinations form compositions that remind of 'Vanitas' -- or 'Memento Mori' -- paintings from the renaissance and baroque periods. Updated for the present day. And running on what is probably one of the most striking vanity symbols of our age."

With the Vanitas update/web release, the studio has also posted a video recording of its "Over Games" presentation given at the Art History of Games symposium. You can stream it here or download it from this page.