Rotheblog has a really great story about the discovery and acquisition of a Sundance cabinet, a very rare, late '70s black-and-white vector arcade game from Cinematronics -- so rare that the Video Arcade Preservation Society lists only two known machines. It's suspected that no more than 15 of these cabinets are still around.

Anyway, the Sundance machine was first spotted when a collector was browsing through, a site dedicated to photos of "fascinating abandoned man-made" structures. He/she stumbled upon the photo you see above in a galery of images for Little Sweden, an old lodge near Sonora, California.

Other collectors caught wind of the find and began researching how they could contact Little Sweden's original owner Donald Williams and legally purchase the Sundance machine, interviewing neighbors and tracking down the owner's property tax status.

Someone going by the name Jehuie, though, was in the area and decided to just walk into what Rotheblog describes as the "meth-ridden, decrepit, feces-riddled structure", and bring the cabinet home. Apparently, the machine is in decent shape, though Jehuie was contacted by the police and advised not to share too much information about it for now.