As crudely drawn as its enemies and bosses are, they add a lot of charm and fun to Hangman’s Revenge: Return of the Noose, a new horizontal-scrolling shoot'em up released to Xbox Live Indie Games by BkBGames last week that has you battling an evil stick figure army and some curious monsters.

The game already won my heart with this trailer as soon as the Chalupacabra appeared and the helicopter transformed into a jeep with a flamethrower, but then the kangaroo started drop-kicking bombs and performing Liu Kang's bicycle kick (whilst yelling out "bicycle kick!"), and I knew I had to share this here.

Return Of The Noose features fourteen levels, seven bosses, eight vehicle types, a campaign mode, a survival mode, and online multiplayer for up to four people (system link multiplayer also available). You can grab it from the Xbox Live Marketplace now for just 80 MS Points.