Everyone seemed to love those Paul Robertson animated sprites we posted a couple weeks ago from Ubisoft's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game (PSN/XBLA), so we thought you'd also like to see all the new game artwork posted by Stéphane Boutin, who worked on the backgrounds and supervised the graphics.

He's posted a ton of sketches, full level layouts. animated scenes for each of the 2D brawler's stages. He also put up the mock-up image above of a Scott Pilgrim shoot'em up, which he said was an option the studio considered when the project was put on hold due to time and budget reasons.

Boutin also shares some cool ideas for the game that didn't make it into the final release (e.g. a skateboard chase sequence, a mini-boss fight with Crash And The Boys), peeks at extra game modes, and honest thoughts on the challenges the team faced while developing Scott Pilgrim:

"We've worked on this project for a year, half of it in Montreal, [where] we were surrounded by incompetents that got the game nearly canceled and drove everybody on the core team near depression, and five crazy über intensive months in Chengdu's studio were we had no time left and were all going completely crazy trying to pull this off, now it's done, it's out there and it should kick ass pretty good!"

You can see a few of Boutin's backgrounds after the break. And while we're talking about Scott Pilgrim, don't forget that Anamanaguchi's chip-rock soundtrack for the game is now available on iTunes, courtesy of ABKCO records. You can download all 24 tracks for $11.99 here.

Oh, and for those of you wondering about the winners of our recent Scott Pilgrim GameSetContest, we're still waiting to hear back from a couple of our winners -- expect an announcement soon!

[Via @brandonnn]