This latest Rockman Online trailer doesn't spend any time showing the 3D MMO's actual gameplay, but its post-apocalyptic, Akira-esque vision of Mega Man's world really makes us wish Capcom and Neowiz would bring this game here (or at least an anime with this style/tone). Unfortunate, this is only releasing in South Korea and likely other Asian markets for now.

Those of you who've managed to follow the Mega Man franchise and its 100 billion releases will notice that this video indicates a crossover between the Classic and X series, mixing characters like Classic Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, Iris, Alia, and Signa.

We're sure to learn more about how the two series tie together, and see some gameplay of the sidescrolling 3D MMO (think Mega Man X8 or Maverick Hunter X) as Rockman Online closed beta and eventual launch in South Korea approaches.

[Via Protodude]