After screening the film at festivals and video game events for three years now, 2 Player Productions (the film crew behind the Penny Arcade TV Show and many other fine productions) is finally putting out a DVD release for its documentary on the chip music scene.

The main attraction of the two-disc, $15 DVD is the feature-length, director's cut of the Reformat the Planet film, which examines New York's burgeoning chiptune community, the genesis of the scene's preeminent concert Blip Festival, and many artists from around the world with their own approaches to the micromusic genre.

You will also be able to watch RTP 1.5, a new short film accounting for the events and years since the original movie's debut, with the DVDs. Also included in the set are commentary tracks for both Reformat the Planet and RTP 1.5, music videos, additional interviews with artists, deleted scenes, and chip music tutorials by Glomag and Bit Shifter.

2 Player Production has teamed up with video game apparel online shop Fangamer for the awesome packaging of the DVDs (that cover is amazing!). Fangamer is also the exclusive seller for DVDs, and is offering several attractive bundles that include shirts, posters, pin sets, and more (photos below).

Though preorders are now open, the DVD doesn't officially launch until August 24th. To celebrate its release, 2 Player Productions will throw a 21+ party at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City, which will feature clips from the movie and performances by Nullsleep, Bit Shifter, and Glomag (No Carrier providing visuals). Admission is just $10!