Koduco Games has teamed up with chip musician Jeremiah 'Nullsleep' Johnson and indie game designer/pixelartist Anna 'Auntie Pixelante' Anthropy (Mighty Jill Off, Redder) to release PongVaders, an iPad title with a setup matching its portmanteau title suggests: you're fighting against invading (and dancing!) aliens by hitting them with shots bounced off a paddle.

PongVaders: Episode One promises a "shared multiplayer experience" for you and a friend:

"... prepare to defend humanity from over 10 waves of invaders who appear surprisingly coordinated to the music. You are each armed with a reflective paddle to defend your planet. Rebound enemy shots back to destroy the aliens. Yet take care -- if one planet is destroyed, both will fly out of orbit and into oblivion.

Volley shots between your paddles for a super-charged attack. Collect a variety of powerups, but first talk to your friend: your boost could cause their bust. You can even tilt the iPad to shift the pull of gravity!"

Along with its cute dancing aliens, the game features 10 levels, a boss fight, various powerups, and online leaderboards. PongVaders: Episode One is available on the App Store starting today for $2.99.