IGF 2009 award winner Osmos has received a lot of attention and praise since Hemisphere Games ported the ambient puzzle game to the iPad last month, with some even calling it the best game on the tablet. Those of you hoping to play it on your iPhone/iPod Touch won't have to wait long -- the studio announced that it releases for the handsets on August 5th!

And if you doubt that Osmos will work on such a small screen, you can check out this video Hemisphere posted of the game running on an iPhone, in which the studio demonstrates just how easy it is to maneuver/manipulate your organism to absorb other motes -- tap to eject mass/propel yourself, pinch to zoom, and flick your finger across the screen to warp time.

"We have specifically modified the levels to really fit the aspect ratio to get the most out of the screen real estate on the iPhone, and in some levels, due to the procedural level of the game, it actually affects the difficulty a little bit," explains the team. "Everything has been finely tuned specifically for the phone."

You can grab Osmos for iPhone/iPod Touch this Thursday for $2.99. The game is already available on the iPad for $4.99.