Video game industry charity/publisher OneBigGame and developer Zoe Mode will debut a Windows PC edition of Chime, its music-based puzzler originally released on Xbox Live Arcade, at the end of this summer.

Along with its already impressive soundtrack with songs from artists like Philip Glass, Moby, and Orbital's Paul Hartnoll, the PC release of Chime, which is slated to be digitally distributed on Steam, will include an exclusive "Still Alive" track from Valve's Portal.

OneBigGame will take five percent of Chime's PC royalties and put those funds toward helping "solve problems afflicting children around the world", donating to charity partners like Save the Children and Starlight Children's Foundation.

"The game has proven to be a great fund-raiser, a quality game in its own right and possibly the basis for a unique, new franchise for Zoe Mode beyond our exclusivity period," says OneBigGame director Martin de Ronde.

He adds, "The PC version of the game features all the great tracks from the original version and now also offers fans of Chime and fans of the original Portal soundtrack the opportunity to sample this song in Chime’s unique remixing game mechanics."