Illustrator Jonny Eveson has created a fantastic set of four poster designs inspired by Lorne Lanning's Oddworld franchise, each of the pieces featuring Art Deco elements and recalling themes from the four released Oddworld games.

"These are something I have been working on quite a bit in my spare time," says Eveson. "They started life as art deco posters, but quickly evolved into something askew from the style, especially with the Stranger's Wrath one. ... I picked Art Deco because its a style I really admire but haven't had anything design wise to really get my teeth into and have a go with."

He offers explanations for the ideas represented the posters, like for the work above: "I feel that it captures the essence of the games introduction movie, having a dystopian alien planet with a giant polluting meat packing machine that is unwelcome there. The stars overhead all the smog not only represent Abe's possession stars, but that there is something natural and magical above all this industrial nonsense."

You can see the other three Oddworld pieces with descriptons below. Make sure to check out Eveson's site for more video-game related works, like his Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game boxart and Portal posters.

"Abe’s moon [shows] that even Rupture Farms cant escape the fickle finger of fate."

"This poster is similar to the first one in layout and style to reflect the similarity of gameplay, and to tie the two games together.

The moon stays in the same place, and the stars above are mirrored below in the eyebots, to represent the industrial, and the natural world.

The Muddokens on the side come from the final shot from the game, to me it represented the sense of optimism that the end of Abe’s Exoddus had. The simple hand towards the moon in one gesture represents the natives in touch with the universe, and their superiority over the industrial types."

"I decided to go with the same art deco style, but give it a Western twist. Not really sure if the combined styles work that well, but I did it anyway."

"I wanted it to have the sense of isolation for Munch, him being the last of his kind. I wanted to take from the opening scene more than anything, as it really set the mood for the game.

The poster is in two halves, one is the ominous saucer that is Vykkers Labs, something of real mystery and danger. You are looking up at it in awe, as if its stature is above you literally and metaphorically. The second is below, where we have Munch as a tiny figure as a shadow, about to be plucked out of his home by the beam of light. The syringes are added to hint that he is being experimented on.

I loved having lens flares in Strangers one, and putting them on the UFO on this poster gave it a Close Encounters of the Third Kind feel, and the flares almost encase the ship. It also adds extra gradient to the image and stops it looking sterile."

[Via Gamefreaks]