Though director Nathan Kuruna has already managed to well exceed his goal of $12,000 in pledges for his documentary about Flash portal Newgrounds, I still think it's worth pointing out the game he created and released to the site to promote his fundraising efforts.

The little Flash game, Indie Jones, takes some obvious inspiration from Indiana Jones and the opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, featuring a fedora-wearing adventurer snatching up gems as he runs away from a giant, incoming boulder.

Kuruna says this is the first promotional tie-in video game for a project on donation-ware platform Kickstarter, and it's managed to pick up a lot of attention for the fund, what with it being featured on the front page of Newgrounds and Kickstarter's blog.

With all the money Kuruna's raised so far, he now has enough to edit more than a hundred hours of videos into a documentary about "Newgrounds and the online cultural trends it helped create and drive over the last decade or so", telling the story of "how the web became fun as well as functional and a tool for creative people of all kinds."

If you want to receive some of the pledge incentives from the project, like a DVD copy of the film or a personal tour of Newgrounds' office, you can still donate some money until the end of the month.

[Via Nobuooo, Kickstarter Blog]