Namco Networks America has purchased a domain name for what looks like a video game adaptation of an unlikely property: long-running antique appraisal television show Antiques Roadshow (broadcasts on BBC One in the UK, and on PBS in the U.S.).

If you've never seen the program, it features a series of experts examining antiques brought in by regular people who've inherited or stumbled upon the items. The eperts evaluate the items for authenticity and price while also providing some context to its origins and significance.

Though Namco registered the "ANTIQUESROADSHOWTHEGAME.COM" web site last September, it hasn't yet suggested how an Antiques Roadshow game would pla or made any announcement that it's working on the title at all. It's possible the company purchased this domain without any intention of actually creating the game, though I really hope that's not the clase!

I also hope that this isn't just a browser game. I'd like something for home consoles, preferably with motion controls -- that way gamers can pick up and thrash or violently throw any counterfeit antiques virtual people bring in.

[Via Superannuation]