Overcoming the many obstacles that face small publishers looking to release a doujin game in the West, Carpe Fulgur has announced that it will release Recettear, its intriguing PC RPG in which players manage an item shop, through Stardock's digital distribution platform Impulse on September 10th, if all goes according to plan.

Originally released two years ago in Japan by EasyGameStation, the game has players adventuring into dungeons in search of items, selling those items in their store, haggling with customers, overseeing and decorating their shop, and more. You can try it out yourself with this free (and updated) demo of the upcoming English edition.

Carpe Fulgur says it was able to secure this deal with Stardock thanks to support from its fans, who downloaded its Recettear demo more than a thousand times in less than a month. The publisher says it may announce more distributors in the future, too. Expect the game to release for $20 in North America, €15 in Europe, and £13 in Great Britain.

[Via HG101