Powerhead Games, developer of 2010 IGF Mobile award winner (for Game Design) and unappreciated DSiWare puzzler Glow Artisan, released another title the Nintendo DSi's download service this morning: Did It Myself ABC123, a "simple and modern" collection of customizable activities designed for toddlers.

The activities, which look to stimulate young children's minds and keep them occupied, include letters, colors, counting, a watercolor-like drawing area, and a virtual xylophone. Parents can adjust the counting range, the number of games played in Shuffle mode, and the overall speed.

"The story behind the game is we noticed a lack of 'Toddler Games' for the DSiWare Service, so we 'did it ourselves' and made this activity-toy-game-thing for our kids and yours," explains Powerhead Games.

The NYC-based studio adds, "We think we've succeeded in creating a simple and fun playground on the Nintendo DSi that echoes our 'learn by doing' educational philosophy. ... The target age range is about 2-3 but we've watched kids aged 1 through 5 enjoy Did It Myself ABC123."

If you decide to let your kid try this out while unattended, you might want to invest in some Nerf Armor cases!