Just a week after debuting videos and details about Serial Killer, his unsettling but intriguing roguelike project/murder simulator somewhat based on Showtime's Dexter series, Crimson King has revealed that the entire thing was a hoax!

I'm sure some will believe this is for the best, as the concept was definitely disturbing: an open world in which you play as a custom or real serial killer (e.g. Jeffrey Dahmer), stalk/kill/torture/mutilate victims, and evade the police.

Almost as interesting as the game is Crimson King's excuses for creating the hoax. At first, he claimed it was a university project studying the responses and Youtube accounts/forum profiles of people interested in the game. He then revised that explanation and said he posted the videos to "troll" gamers.

Temple of the Roguelike also has several plausible theories on why the developer created the hoax or cancelled the project. Though Crimson King has since deleted the demonstration videos he posted of Serial Killer's gameplay, Temple of Roguelike has preserved the original forum thread in which he announced the game.