Toy Soldiers already has a pitch that many kids who re-enacted tiny battles with whatever junk they had lying around will find immensely interesting -- it's an XBLA action-strategy game in which you command a troop of miniature WWI toy soldiers in an all-out war -- but Seattle-based indie developer Signal Studios has managed to improved on that concept.

Unlike the last Toy Soldiers downloadable content pack, which introduced units and a campaign for the French army, Signal's upcoming Invasion DLC release includes some non-traditional enemy waves, like Spacemen, Chivalrous Knights, Flying Knights, Bothell Fire Trucks, and a giant tin Mr. Roboto boss.

Invasion will also offer two new playable units (F17 Space Tanks, U.S. P51 Mustangs), new achievements, three single-player maps, two multiplayer stages, and one Survival level. There's no firm date or pricing for the DLC pack yet, but Signal's site seems to indicate that it will release next month.