German online game publisher FIAA will release its beta for the first chapter of The Bible Online, a browser-based MMORPG allowing players to reenact and witness events from the Book of Genesis as Abraham and his descendants, in Europe on September 6th.

In The Bible Online: Chapter 1 – The Heroes, players must lead their tribe, help build their village, and manage resources and a budget. Players will also oversee their tribe's diplomacy and warfare, and lead their tribe to the Promised Land (Canaan).

The MMO features an integrated chat system, graphics based on "a historical investigation of the times of Abraham", and environments/quests inspired by the Book of Genesis -- hopefully, FIAA didn't add a circumcision quest in there.

"The Bible Online is developed for players of all ages to easily get closer to the Bible, while enjoying the game," says FIAA's president Dr. Alan Kim. "We plan to service the game in most of the European languages by the end of the year. We will also develop following chapters to cover all the stories of the Bible."