A couple of weeks ago, we teamed up with video game art group i am 8-bit to give away a sweet collection of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World prizes: limited edition t-shirts designed by i am 8-bit, baseball caps, copies of the movie's soundtrack, iPhone skins, and theatrical one-sheets.

As those of you who jumped at the chance to win those goodies will recall, we simply asked readers to comment about their favorite video game allusions (real or even made up) from the Scott Pilgrim comics, film, or PSN/XBLA video game to enter the contest. It was pretty easy stuff, so we got a ton of entries!

Anyway, let's get to what you came here for -- our five randomly picked winners:

  • Pseudonym: "I'm rather fond of the bit in the comic where a save point shows up and Scott panics about saving before the next cut scene happens."
  • Jason C: "My favorite reference was when Scott did a Shoryuken and super canceled into Shippu-Jinrai-Kyaku."
  • Grim Sanro: "Parappa reference book 3... Because in the end don't well gotta believe?"
  • Tyson: "My favourite reference appears in a lot of games (and is a bit more thematic than concrete) but reminds me first of FFII (IV): 'Scott earned the power of self-respect.' This part of Scott's growth is very reminiscent of Cecil Harvey. He fights for Baron without a will of his own. As he says, '[He's] just a Dark Knight with no courage to disobey his majesty.' Scott Pilgrim likewise doesn't do what's right at first (he cheats on Knives and Ramona) and it takes him time to come around. But when he does, he gains awesome powers, just as Cecil becomes a Paladin. Of course, Scott doesn't revert to level 1, so more power to him!"
  • Dave Illustrious Shevlin: "My favorite part is Scott's little Slime from Dragon Quest tee in the last volume."
Congratulations, all! Thanks to everyone who participated, and to i am 8-bit / Universal for making this giveaway possible!