Jordan Magnuson, an indie developer and the original founder of, came up with a great idea that world travel with game development; he wants to visit different countries and document his trip by creating games based on his experiences there, offering "computer games as a form of travel writing."

He's experimented with the idea before when he lived in Korea and the Middle East, creating games/interactive experiences like Freedom Bridge, Being There, Loneliness, and Terrorist Killer (a lot more thought-provoking than its simple title suggests).

To fund this Game Trekking project, Magnuson has set up a Kickstarter page to accept donations that will pay for food, accommodations, and transportation. If he's able to raise enough money ($5,000 in 60 days), he plans to visit Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, China, and Japan over a period of four to five months.

During that time, the developer will post videos and blog entries from his trip, and create around two games for each country he visits -- he expects to produce around 10-15 titles during his travels through Asia. If he's able to continue to raise support, he'd like to also do the same with Russia, Europe, and other countries.

Though Magnuson plans to release all of his travel games for free, he's offering incentives to those who donate, including sponsor credits, personal notes, beta access to each of the games, postcards, shirts, and even a custom game for a cause/situation/topic of your choosing.

You can read more about Magnuson's Game Trekking project here.