Spacetime Studios has released Pocket Legends: Adventures, a free update for its 3D mobile MMO introducing several major additions that a lot more depth to the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad game, as well as expected optimizations and new character customization options.

The biggest addition is the inclusion of quests, which seems like an obvious feature for an MMO but is just now making it to Pocket Legends. Spacetime has also further fleshed out the game's world of animal heroes by offering more lore lore and story elements.

Players can now enjoy open-ended zones in Pocket Legends, allowing them to explore "large, continuous quest zones." This update brings a new world map (which "lays the foundation for massive expansion" slated for the next release), new towns, and new player tutorial quest zones, too.

"The Pocket Legends: Adventures update has finally fulfilled our goal – to combine the rich gameplay experience of PC and console MMOs with the quick pace of mobile games," says Spacetime's president Gary Gattis. "None of this would have been possible without the feedback from the fans, which helped us take our title to the next level and create a living, breathing world."