To promote preorders for 2 Player Productions' chipmusic documentary DVD Reformat The Planet, Penny Arcade TV -- which streams programs shot and produced by 2PP -- has posted the entire the film (broken up into seven parts) for free.

Again, the movie explores New York City's chiptune scene, interviews influential figures in the scene, and charts the genesis of the first Blip Festival concert. In addition to the documentary, the two-disc DVD also includes an extra short film called RTP 1.5, commentary tracks, music videos, deleted scenes, chip music tutorials, and more.

Online video game apparel shop Fan Gamer is selling the set, along with bundles that offer posters, shirts, and pins, with a starting price of $15. If you're anywhere near NYC this Sunday, don't forget that 2PP is throwing a launch party/show with Glomag, Bit Shifter, Nullsleep, and No Carrier this Sunday!