Erik Svedang, developer of Kometen and IGF 2009 grand prize award winner Blueberry Garden, has released a new game for the iPad that looks to combine "the magic of computers with the special interactions made possible by board games".

As you'll see in the "World Championship 2010" video above, the goal of Shot Shot Shoot is to destroy your opponent's five squares before they can obliterate your own squares. To do that, you can choose to either send waves of shots across the field or maneuver single bullets for precise attacks.

While trading shots, though, you need to manage your ammunition -- naturally, sending a volley of bullets at a time will deplete your stock much faster. Your ammunition increases by one every fifth second, but you can collect more by hitting the small black squares in the middle of the board.

The game is meant to provide "short but intense matches", and allows you to play against a human opponent or a computer-controlled one (with adjustable difficulty. You can grab Shot Shot Shoot right now from the App Store for $0.99 -- Svedang has also posted a strategy guide to make sure you come out on top against your first opponent.