Indie developer Hitbox Team has released a PC demo for a project that's sure to capture your interest with its concept even if you don't watch the above trailer: Dustforce, an "an acrobatic sweeping platformer" in which you jump to hard-to-reach areas and sweep as much dust/leaves as you can.

In Dustforce, you're armed with a broom that you can use to slide down walls/across ceilings, smack dusty objects, and perform lots of stylish moves. As our sister site points out, getting used to the game's controls and moving like the player in this trailer takes some time, but it's not impossible.

IndiePub has Dustforce's demo available for free here -- Hitbox says the final version will include a level editor allowing you to create and share stages. If you like the music in this trailer, you can listen to more of Robot Science at this BandCamp page.