Followers of indie rock/chip group The Depreciation Guild will be surprised to hear that the latest release from the band isn't an album or a music singe; it's an original iPhone/iPod Touch puzzle game caleld TileWild!:

"TileWild is an original action/puzzle game loosely based on the concept of additive and subtractive color mixing. Players combine tiles of one color with their counterpoints to fade them into the background and are awarded points for doing so.

By purposely offsetting color amounts and creating bigger stacks of tiles, more points are awarded…But be quick or be dead! What seems like a simple concept on the surface, quickly becomes a frenzied task of dexterity!"

Though the game does feature an "upbeat 8-bit soundtrack" composed by the band's vocalist/guitarist/bassist/programmer Kurt Feldman, it doesn't appaear to actually have any of that shoegazey pop that The Depreciation Guild is known for.

You can grab TileWild from the App Store for $0.99. The band's currently touring Europe and North America, so maybe you can download the game, attend one of their shows, and have them sign your iPhone/iPod Touch?