One of the many neat things showcased at hacker conference Defcon 18 last weekend was the Ninja Networks Badge, a wireless gaming system for a multiplayer ninja battle RPG. Designed by Amanda Wozniak/Brandon Creighton and sponsored by Facebook/Lookout, the badges (limited run of 650) were given out as party invites for an exclusive Ninja party at Defcon.

The badge features a 128x64 LED-backlit LCD display, six buttons (four in a directional pad configuration), and a variety of colored LEDs. Players hung the badge around their neck with a lanyard and battled other badge-holders within range, gaining experience with each fight, according to a detailed preview by Wired.

Players could earn virtual items by completing missions in different locations around DefCon and Las Vegas, too. Along with interacting with other badges, the Ninja Networks Badge transmitted stats to Android-badge-powered base stations around the show, which updated a leaderboard at the convention displaying current scores.

You can check out an unboxing of the Ninja Networks Badge and photos of its NES-style manual after the break.