Adult Swim Games, which has been releasing so many killer indie titles for some time now (Robot Unicorn Attack, Give Up, Robot, Cream Wolf) has just put out another addictive Flash release called Victorian BMX: Death On Wheels, developed by This Is Pop.

The game plays a bit like motocross-style titles like Excitebike, in that you're riding a bike across hills/ramps, performing stunts in mid-air before angling your landing to make sure you don't crash. The twist here is that you're playing as the Grim Reaper, and you're harvesting souls (men riding penny farthings, women pushing strollers) along the way.

Your goal is to collect as many souls as possible, while pulling off tricks and avoiding crashes/spikes, and reach the guillotine at the end of each stage before the timer counts down. Oh, and if you can, try to grab Queen Victoria's floating head if you see it. Play Victorian BMX for free here!