If you're attending the Penny Arcade Expo next week, make sure to leave room in your schedule for the convention's inaugural Chiptune Showcase, which will feature performances by a variety of artists making music with old gaming consoles, such as Fighter X, Spamtron, Seanbad, Knife City, and Zen Albatross.

Though PAX has certainly had concerts with chip music artists before, this is an evolution of the unofficial Lo-Tek Resistance 8-bit busking performances put on by Crunchy Co Records outside of the convention center. Now it's a sponsored event taking place at the Jamspace room inside the Washington State Convention Center!

The Chiptune Showcase is scheduled for 1PM on Saturday, September 4th, and Crunchy Co also plans to hold a panel titled "8-Bit Soundwaves: A Look into the World of Chiptune Music" at the Wolfman Theatre on Friday, September 3rd, starting at 11AM. That session will include Anamanaguchi's Peter Berkman, Fighter X's Nickolas Walthew, and KGHB's Gabe Hayward as panelists.

And so long as you're filling your PAX 2010 agenda with chiptune-themed stuff, 2 Player Productions will hold a screening for an episode of its Penny Arcade: The Series online show, host an open Q&A session, and probably sell copies of its new Reformat The Planet DVD set. That takes place on September 3rd at 4PM.

You can watch a previous Lo-Tek Resistance performance at last year's PAX after the break:

[Via Zen Albatross]