I've seen and heard a couple gamers complaining that Another Century's Episode: R, the latest entry from the mecha action ACE series releasing in Japan in just two weeks, isn't receiving the attention it deserves from Western outlets, what with it being a PS3 exclusive and a project from From Software (Demon's Souls, Armored Core).

To amend that, here's a 12-minute promotional video that Japanese retailers are playing in their shops to advertise the upcoming game (split into two clips, second half after the break). Along with the grandiose aerial mecha battle you'd expect, the video also gives a preview of new playable robots and the game's new on-rails Chase mode!

Unfortunately, none of the previous three Another Century's Episode games have released in the U.S., so you'll likely need to import this one if you want to battle mechas from a wide range of anime series (e.g. Gundam, Macross, Full Metal Panic) against each other on your PS3 -- expect to pay around $90 for that privilege!

[Via Mecha Damashii]