Broken Rules' physics-based platformer and IGF 2007 Student Showcase winner And Yet It Moves is now available on the North American WiiWare download service for just 1,000 Nintendo Points ($10)

As with the PC/Mac/Linux editions, the WiiWare release features a unique visual style with its paper collage environments (created out of colored cardboard and scraps of paper), and you must rotate the world to make your way through the obstacles in different stages.

This Wii edition offers support for four different control schemes with the Wii Remote motion sensor and pointer, as well as the Classic Controller. It also includes a speed run mode and unlockable levels/competitive play modes (Time Trial, Limited Rotation, and Survival). You can access modifications that "change the entire game", too.

You can see more media and read more information about And Yet It Moves on the game's official site.