In case you missed the announcement at last month's E3, Echochrome, Sony's awesome but underappreciated PSP puzzler, will receive a shadow-based sequel this September for PlayStation 3/Move (trailer after the break), and talented composer Hideki Sakamoto is returning to record the game's string quartet and piano soundtrack.

As a neat treat for fans, Sakamoto is livestreaming his recording sessions, giving gamers some insight on the process. I've embedded one of the videos from sessions above, but you can watch them all over on the composer's UStream page. He plans to hold his next livestream session this afternoon around 1PM EST.

From what I've heard so far, Echochrome II's soundtrack sounds just as great as the first! Make sure to check out our many previous interviews with Sakamoto for his previous projects, such as Diamond and the Sound of a Gunshot, Yakuza Kensan, and Castlevania Judgment.

[Via Eastern Mind]