Indie game developer Joe Lesko has released Totally Tiny Arcade, a collection of minigames parodying classic arcade titles (e.g. Pizzaroids, Shape Invaders). He describes the release as "a bit like WarioWare meets MAME, with a cheesy '80s plot added in."

Totally Tiny Arcade offers 27 minigames (each with several levels that introduce new enemies and challenges), a "hidden 8-bit treasure" in each game, three play modes, multiple endings, personal online scoreboards, and music by Marcus "Makke Nilson" Nilsson. It also lets you send the full game for three friends to play for free.

To celebrate the game's launch (or re-launch, since this is an update of a previous game called Joystick Johnny), Lesko has made the PC game available for free until next Monday. After then, you'll need to pay $15.99 for a copy.