As Doublesix prepares to bring Burn Zombie Burn, its fun dual stick PSN shooter, to PC via Steam in early August, the UK developer and publisher P2 Games is receiving opposition from undead civil rights group B.R.A.A.A.I.N.S., or the Brotherhood for the Restriction of Attacks, Ammunition And Injury of Necrotic Species.

The fictional organization takes issue with the game's premise of shooting, burning, and blowing up waves of zombies, and is especially opposed to the PC edition's new Survival mode and Extreme difficulty mode. It's probably not too happy about the included strategy guide and comic with instructions on how to eliminate the undead, either.

"... the release of Burn Zombie Burn on Steam is a threat to ghouls everywhere, since it celebrates the destruction of the undead in all sorts of creative ways including bashing with baseball bats, chainsawing, lawnmowering... and don't even get me started about the Brain Gun!" says the group's head spokesman Romero A. Bubb.

He ads, "It's unfortunate that P2 Games is stoking the flames of anti-zombie sentiment with this release. Don't we have enough of that wanton destruction in movies? Please, join with B.R.A.A.A.I.N.S. to protest this game. After all, destroying an undead brain is a terrible waste when it can be fed to starving zombies everywhere!"

[Image via ThinkGeek]