Though Darius Burst for PSP still hasn't released in the States, Taito has announced Darius Burst: Another Chronicle for Japan, a four-player arcade edition of the game. I don't expect this to ever release anywhere in the West, but I've never let that stop me from admiring what all the Japanese gamers will get to play!

Another Chronicle features a special cabinet with two 32-inch widescreen monitors -- this sounds somewhat similar to the two-screen Darius II arcade setup at Akihabara's Taito Hey game center (pictured; the original arcade game featured three monitors). It also includes "body sonic seats" and headphone inputs, so players can properly enjoy Zuntata's music.

Taito expects to put out Darius Burst: Another Chronicle in Japan this winter and will hold a location test at Taito Hey in Akihabara on August 7-8.

[Via Versus City, Saturday Morning Robots]