Following up its awesome series of behind-the-scenes videos at Sucker Punch Productions for Infamous, 2 Player Productions has put together another video documenting the team's work on the action/sandbox/superhero game's sequel, created specifically for this week's Comic-Con.

Here, several members from the Infamous 2 team talk about their project as it relates to comic books and comic book characters, discussing its art style, balance of realism and superhero elements, and goal of making players feel like they've become a superhero through Cole (the game's protagonist).

Sucker Punch will deliver a talk tonight at San Diego Comic-Con called "From Origin to Evolution: The Making of a Modern Day Superhero for the Videogame World" (Room 7AB, 6:30-7:30), in which the studio will talk about how it made Infamous, its comic inspirations, and what they hope to accomplish with Infamous 2.

The developer will also show off some artwork and a 2D cutscene from the game. And if that isn't enough of an incentive, Sucker Punch will be giving away Infamous 2 shirts to all attendees.

[Via PlayStation Blog]