Carpe Fulgur has translated its first project, Recettear, an item-shop focused roleplaying game for Windows PC. From what I can gather of the concept, it sounds a lot like Neverland's Rune Factory series, except instead of running a farm in between your dungeon adventures, you're managing a shop with the help of a fairy.

The title was originally released in Japan two years ago by doujin group EasyGameStation (Japanese trailer for the title above). Carpe Fulgur elaborates on the item shop RPG premise:

"Playing the game involves gathering items - either by playing the markets in the city of Pensee, or grabbing an adventurer and delving into the dungeons that dot the countryside - and selling them to the customers who come through your doors.

Tear, the fairy, is here to collect on a loan your father took out - and she'll have to take the store, which doubles as your house, if you can't pay up! ...

Selling items and dungeon diving isn't all there is to do, however. There's quite a cast of characters to meet in Recettear, some friendly, some less so. Their fates tie into your own, though, and helping them out could lead you to riches beyond your wildest dreams!"

Selling your goods is more complicated than just handing over items, though; you'll need to make sure your store has the right atmosphere (by selecting what items are on display and decorating the shop), haggle with customers over prices, guess what some visitors might want to purchase, and more.

You can download a free demo for Recettear from the group's site. The group plans to announce digital download services where you will be able to purchase the title soon, too. Gamers should note that while Recettear has been localized with English text, the voices are still in Japanese.

[Via HadesGigas]