Crossfire, the particle effects-heavy, Space Invaders-style fixed shooter with a twist, is now out for Xbox Live Indie Games for just 240 Microsoft Points. As discussed before, the shoot'em up lets you warp between the top and the bottom of the screen, allowing you to fight waves of enemies head on or attack them from behind.

Developer Radiangames (JoyJoy) recently put out this trailer to demonstrate Crossfire's co-op gameplay and its middle/bonus sections. The studio explains, "The insanity seen in the second half won’t be seen by most players, but it does show how crazy it can get. Rest assured that it starts off very smoothly and lets your brain adjust to the warping and enemy types before ramping up to that level of chaos."

To celebrate Crossfire's release, Radiangames is giving away the game's eight-song soundtrack for free -- download it at the studio's Bandcamp site. You can purchase Crossfire or download a free trial at the Xbox Live Marketplace.