English artists Stuart "Bramish" Colebrook combined a public domain image of folks gathering around for a seance with a sprite of Blinky to create this awesome shirt design, currently up for voting at Threadless. It almost looks like a comic from Married To The Sea!

Colebrook describes the concept: "You know how it is - one minute you're chasing a pizza shaped yellow thing around a maze for no reason at all, and the next you've been summoned by a bunch of Victorian chaps and chapesses as the sit around a table chanting like morons. We can all relate, right?"

If you want to show off this goofy "Medium Difficulty" image on your chest, make sure to vote it up at Threadless -- if enough people give it a high ranking in the next six days, the online shirt shop might feel compelled to print and sell the design.

[Via Rampaged Reality]